Bempton Cliffs Gannets

Decided to have a run down to Bempton Cliffs in East Yorkshire to check out the Gannets etc. The shot on the left is one that I took just after arriving.  This is the first real chance I have got to take some “bird in flight” images.






This is one shot my partner got of a Gannet in flight using the Sigma 150-500mm Superzoom we recently invested in.  Bearing in mind this is the first time she had used this lens, I think this is a good start.


Bempton Razorbill

On our recent trip to Bempton, noticed a couple of nesting Razorbills on a         cliff edge.  If you look closely, there is a rather large St Marks Fly near the   Razorbill.

This is basically what they were trying to catch.  Not sure if it was for food   or just by the fact the flies are irritating.

And Bully’s Special Prize….

Here is an image that I got of  fantastically vibrant Bullfinch.  These are one of Britain’s shyest garden birds and are very skittish.  This is certainly the best image I have managed to get of one up to date.

Their colourful breast area becomes more vibrant amongst the males during breeding season.  The females are generally quite dull compared to the males.

Landscapes…my other photographic passion



Durham Cathedral Sunset, Durham City, County Durham in the North East of England.

Taken on a beautiful evening from the pontoon at one of the Rowing Club Boathouses, below Prebends Bridge.  I had this shot in mind a long time before I finally got the image I was happy with.  It was just a case of watching the weather for the right conditions (i.e clear skies, no wind, calm waters).

It finally all came together one May evening.

You can see the reflection of the Cathedral on the calm waters of the River Wear.

The castle is just out of shot behind the Cathedral main towers.  This is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

I have a love for landscape photography and do enjoy the great outdoors.  I will be posting some more of my landscape/seascape images.

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My Turn !!!!

This image was taken by my partner (the other half of Vistas & Viewpoints Photography) on a recent trip to the Barn At Beal

Bird Of Prey Centre, near Lindisfarne on the Northumberland coast.  This place has a good selection of Raptors and Owls

that are regularly flown in displays.  This image is of a young Gyr/Barbary Hybrid.  She was starting to get a little eager to be

flown in the display and her expression gives you the impression she is a little ticked off.


We visit there quite often and the intention is to post our exploits around the North East on this blog.  Hope you enjoy

following us.


What A Hoot

Just looking back through my archives and found one of my favourite images.  I was spending a day on a Farm in

Northumberland when this Barn Owl came out of nearby woodlandand flew across the fields towards me.  I just can’t

describe how beautiful a Barn Owl is in flight.

I plan to get up towards Prestwick Carr near Newcastle Airport sometime in the Autumn/Winter this year to check out the

owls that seem to be prevalent up there at that time of year.

A Visit to Washington Wetlands Centre

On a recent dry day, I thought I would pop along to Washington Wetlands Centre to have a peek at the Avocets that currently nest there.

When the Avocets first started nesting in       Washington back in 2006 it was the most northerly UK hatching ever recorded.

At the time of writing there are 8 Avocets at Washington.

Having had a good walk around, I got to Wader Lake and got the attached image of one of the Avocets.

This was the first time I had ever seen one (despite living in Washington for 6.1/2 years lol)

There are many other waders that seem to enjoy the surroundings of the wader lake (such as Oystercatchers, redshank, lapwings) and a very substantial colony of Grey Herons that the centre is understandibly proud of.

The centre is just in the process of developing a Saline Lagoon which should be interesting in the coming months.