First outing with the Sigma 150-500mm monster (BIGMOS) lens



Well, after recently purchasing a Sigma 150-500mm OS lens I thought it would be rude not to try it out (lol), but where to go first?


After checking numerous blogs I decided to be a coward at get used to the lens closer to home rather than venturing further afield.


I have recently established some feeders in my front garden so decided to see what I could photograph around those.  Within 15 mins of setting the camera up, this handsome little fella landed on the feeder and struck a pose.


I dont think its a bad start and I’m sure things will get better as my long lens technique improves.



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Hello Wonderful WordPress World

Hi All.

Its great to have finally discovered WordPress and looking forward to posting our adventures around the North East of England and beyond in the near future.  This blog will mainly focus on our interests of wildlife photography and landscapes but could include most genres of photography at any time.  We dont like to pidgeon hole ourselves and will try our hand at most things.

If you would like to see more of our work, please visit and have a poke around.

Feel free to comment on our work/posts if you wish.  All we ask is that you do not spam us and try to make posts polite and constructive if possible.

Many thanks